BREAKING NEWS: Controversial Ex-Mayor Sam Adams is confronted by Candidate for US Senate Mark Callahan over his exclusion from the Portland City Club debate. Adam’s blames the rules and just about everyone else. Callahan isn’t satisfied.

Dateline Friday May16, 2014 – Portland, Oregon:  To borrow a line from another well-known Callahan: “Go ahead, make my day.” Like Dirty Harry, Mark Callahan, a Candidate for US Senate is earning a reputation for not taking things lying down. Sam Adams, the ex-Mayor of Portland and now “poster child” for the uber-Liberal Portland City Club did not answer my emails regarding the Club’s exclusion of Conservative Candidate for US Senate Mark Callahan. So we went down and asked him about it. While cordial, Adam’s blames the rules. Riiiiiight Sam … like you’re a stranger to breaking those right?

You couldn’t ask for two more different people. Callahan is an Eagle Scout. Adams left office in disgrace after disclosing he had a relationship with a BARELY-18 year old intern working for him, then lied about it to his constituents. The interview is presented in high-definition, unedited in its entirety.

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