Ms. Roark tells a chilling tale of what privacy Americans lost over the last five years. In the process, unsurprisingly, she does not do a lot of smiling.

Dateline Wednesday June 4, 2014 – Portland, Oregon: Diane Roark provided a 60 minute chilling speech to Portland’s Executive Club which met at the Airport Shilo Inn. Ms. Roark retired in 2002 after 17 years serving on the Republican professional staff of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. For the last 5 years, Ms. Roark had primary staff Republican/majority oversight responsibility for the National Security Agency. She watched over the NSA and their budget. She knows how the agency wanted to spend their money, and how they were allowed to spend it. Ms. Roark describes what privacy Americans lost in the process. She does not do a lot of smiling as she tells her chilling tale.

Ms Roark has told the story with substantial personal risk: accused of felonies, home raided, computers seized and still not returned. Grab a front row seat with Portland’s “Silver Granny” at the June Meeting of Portland’s “Executive Club as Ms. Roark tells her tale. With special thanks to Portland’s Executive and “Silver Granny” for providing the video.

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