“The LGBTQ rights and animal rights movements must work together to achieve human and nonhuman equality…” says activist “Dominique” at a recent meeting of the organization Direct Action Everywhere.

Dateline Tuesday January 6 2015 – Portland Oregon:  Just when you think that you have heard and seen it all you find it. That piece or Liberal lunacy that pushes it that one step further. In a bizarre series of presentations a San Francisco Bay Area Organization is promoting equality between animals and humans. You might think I am exaggerating. The video tells the tale.

First up in this compilation of “fair use” clips is Hana Low. She and her two partners are from Colorado and prefers the use of “They/Them” pronouns rather than the colloquial “she.” Hana makes a presentation on “Trickle-Up Queer Animal Liberation.” (No I am not making that up.) She relays a beautiful story of a trans woman finding love for animals over her microwaved kielbasa. After showing one of her (Oops *their*) partners in a relationship with a cow, Hana goes on to explain what she is really on about:

“My goal is total animal and queer Liberation.”

But where does one begin to Liberate animals? Why at home of course! Let’s start with the common house cat. Speaker and soon to be attorney Zsea Beaumonis advocates just that. “Liberation begins at home, respecting companion animals.” She goes on: “Why not let your dog sit on the bed, why not let your cat sit on the counter?”

“Dominique” shows great examples of Bonobos doing (… we report you decide …) with a baby chimp in between them and advocates this as “normal” person behavior. Some of her more controversial comments ought to go over well with Second Amendment enthusiasts particularly hunters: “Another naturalistic *myth* that is used to justify human supremacy, is that animals were naturally intended for us to eat.” Her punch line which she both spelled out and delivered orally was: “The LGBTQ rights and animal right movements must work together to achieve human and nonhuman equality…” That’s it. Verbatim.

Finally we have Pax Ahimsa Gethen who lets us know that it is not only normal for a person’s gender to change from day-to-day but from hour-to-hour as well. She informs us that Sweden is way ahead of the game, having developed a “Non-BinaryPronoun” which is “Hen.” “Hen” she informs us is a gender neutral pronoun which Swedes have started using in ***nursery school***. Says Pax:

“In Sweden for example they are using ‘Hen’ in many nursery schools to try and give young children a gender neutral education from the start. So that’s pretty exciting to me.”

But getting back to animal equality, Pax informs us that we should not identify animals in the third person singular neutral:

“I would say do not call our fellow animals, non human animals, ‘it’ either. Now these animals can not tell us what their gender identity is so unfortunately we have to make some assumptions based on their anatomy.”

She goes on to explain about the lesbian relationship between two chickens, Snow and Duala. “That shows that Snow is a person, some *one* not some *thing*”” claims Pax. She goes on equating the relationship between the two chickens to the relationship between a man (Brian) and a male goat (Luv):

{Speaking about Brian who is in the room, and showing a picture of him in the hay loft with the goat} “We have a couple guys hanging out you might recognize one of them one of them is in the room Brian. So since Luv (the goat) can’t tell us otherwise what his gender identity is I’m going to call him ‘he’ just like you would call Brian a ‘he’ because they are both *people*”

It’s just over 6 minutes of short excepts from the hours of madness on their YouTube Channel ( used under the Fair Use Laws.

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  1. These wackos should be proverbially kissing the founding fathers (that’s right, I said ‘fathers’) asses for having the ability to spout their nonsense and not get burned at the stake.

    • Ha ha, I’m pretty sure the founding fathers would either rape and/or enslave the speakers, so I don’t think they should proverbially (or otherwise) kiss any of them.

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