Take a listen to this hate. Saturday evening anti-Israeli, anti-Semetic beat poet Remi Kanazi spewed his hate down at Portland State University. The kicker: you paid for it.

DATELINE MONDAY NOVEMBER 17, 2014:  Yes your taxpayer dollars subsidize this with the blessings of Portland State University President Wim Wiewel. This is my video of him from two years back. He’s was brought in over the weekend by the Communist student organization the International Socialist Organization using your money. It defies explanation.

From the original videos:

At a meeting of the Potland State University group Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER) renowned and controversial Palestinian poet Remi Kanazi performs his poem “Normalize This!” The poem concludes with Kanazi addressing Israel directly: “Your system of oppression it is coming to an end!,” he shouts. His poem is met with enthusiastic applause from the audience. The event was open to the public and held in the the Portland State University Cafeteria.

At a meeting of Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER), Remi Kanazi, a radical Palestinian American poet speaks about Veterans and Veteran’s Day. In his introductory remarks to the poem he states “… Veteran’s Day was a little while ago we have this kind of hero mentality right? The troops are heroes and support the troops. But what’s supportive of putting a gun in a 19 year old’s hands and sending him over to a foreign country and putting him in harms way? I don’t see that sh!t as supportive and I don’t support it.” The video then includes the entire performance of his poem “Before the Machetes Are Raised.” The poem seems to imply that America’s soldiers are the real terrorists: “I’m disgusted by terrorism, *** backwards animals *** who have no value for human life [emphasis added] Produce propaganda videos to help disseminate their message. Prey on the weakest in society. Infect children. Recruit fighters like expendable ants and their ideological struggle. You know who I’m talking about: soldiers who drop bunker busting bombs on mosques and universities …”

Additional videos of Kanazi from his 2012 appearance.

Here’s an additional video of Kanazi from his 2012 appearance at PSU:

And the leader of the sponsoring Communist Group group trying to throw me out from the taxpayer funded apperance:


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