Dateline Portland Oregon – September 17, 2012 – LANGUAGE WARNING – Protest Highlights – At a celebration of the Occupy Wall Street Anniversary, September 17, 2012; Occupy Portlanders gathered and protested their egregious downtrodden conditions. The movement appears a mere shadow of it’s former self. Where once they numbered in the thousands, Occupiers now number about 100. Where once they scaled to the lofty criminal heights of murder rape, assault, domestic terrorism and destruction of personal and private property, they now must be content with misdemeanor traffic infractions, rude intolerant behavior, and swearing in front of children on the grounds of a Catholic Church. Some of the Occupiers carry pig heads impaled on stakes, and signs which threaten to “Eat the Rich.” However, one Occupier is recognized as a resident of an upscale downtown loft building with residences leasing in the $1500/mo range.

The usual cast of characters make appearances, including former mayoral candidate Cameron Whitten who looks fit and healthy despite his desperate hunger strike which recently took him to the brink of death. KBOO Radio Talk Show Host Ibrahim Mubarak, who was previously caught on tape yelling racial slurs at Black members of the TEA Party, also seems in top notch condition, considering he’s Portland’s most renowned bum.

A Standard bearer for “Jobs With Justice” apparently had a unique way of signing the Standard/Pledge for her organization. She signed it “Fu*k You!” and encourages other protestors to do so as well. This on the grounds of a Catholic Church with children (deliberately edited out), directly in front of her. No one challenges the woman.

One Occupier is certainly down for the struggle: he’s disgruntled that the Library is no longer open on Mondays. Again, language warning: Viewer Discretion is advised.

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