Caught on Tape: Kate Lore, the “Social Justice Minister” at a local church ignores the Black speakers during a leftist protest.

Dateline Wednesday February 18, 2015 – Portland, Oregon: Various organizations gathered in Northeast Portland today to protest the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).  These included Bill McKibben’s 350.ORG which was caught on tape two summers ago leasing diesel yachts and polluting the Columbia with a catered event.  While some of the content of the speeches got pretty loony at times, something really annoyed me. I found it downright rude. Kate Lore the “Social Justice Minister” at the First Unitarian church in Portland, ignored the two Black speakers who spoke after her. She seemed more interested in securing a photo opportunity. If she had to rush off, that would have alleviated the situation somewhat. But she’s caught on tape paying rapt attention to the following speaker: a white elderly female. To compound things a high power Union organizer (as yet unidentified) is caught blowing off the two black speakers as well. According to a Portland Tribune article published last year:

“Rev. Kate Lore, minister for social justice at Portland First Unitarian Church and a member of the Portland Human Rights Commission, shared stories of growing up with racist grandparents and coming to acknowledge her racial privilege as a white woman.”

While I am not a believer in “White Privilege,” it looks like things haven’t changed much for this “Social Justice Minister.”

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