Anarchist hate turns toward the TEA Party when Nazi‘s don’t show.

Dateline Portland Oregon – Saturday March 15, 2014 – Anarchists held a counter protest against Nazi’s who had planned to protest today. The Nazi’s never showed up. So instead the Anarchists turned their hatred towards that ruthless, dangerous, uncivil crowd that threatens our very nation itself. Yes you guessed it: the enemy is Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Sam, the Constitution and the American Flag. That’s right it’s The TEA Party.

The rock group (and we use the term loosely here) “Intentional Overtones” launches into it’s “Ode to the TEA Party,” which it calls “Astro-Turds.” “Intentional Overtones” launched their “band” this last December at that famous hang out for peaceful Leftist activism in SE Portland: “The Red and Black Cafe.”

Here’s the introduction transcribed:

“Astro-Turds? … Yeah …This song goes out to all you TEA Party members. Lot’s of TEA Party Representatives here today I can tell so … It’s no longer considered and astro-turf movement …but it’s only a logical leap for us to change it to the astro *turd* movement. Turds! Seems like a pretty lame joke but it was a good idea at the time. This song’s called Astro-Turds”

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