Nick Caleb’s memory seems to fail him on May Day when he’s reminded of the endorsement he received from a famous Communist at a recent campaign event where he wrote a check for $700.

Dateline May 8, 2014 – Portland Oregon: It seems Nick Caleb, a Communist (he calls himself a Socialist but promotes Marxist ideology) candidate for Portland City Council, even for a young man, has a really lousy memory. On May Day, Nick was “down for the struggle” pumping his $15/hr minimum wage cause, and rubbing elbows with violent anarchists who have cost the city 10’s of thousands of dollars over the years. To give you and example, one of the group’s that regularly marches is ACAB: “All Cops Are Bastards,” wearing masks and carrying elaborate banners bearing their motto. What’s it they say about the company you keep Nick? I digress.

Nick is reminded that he was endorsed only a week ago by Ksharma Sawant , a Seattle Communist who appeared with him on stage in SE Portland. He also wrote he a check for the maximum legal campaign contribution of $700 without batting an eye. Gee Nick times is so haaaaaaaard. Enjoy the short Video.

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  1. What is this–1952? Commie-bating is pretty silly and pointless; I suggest that you open your eyes to some real issues, you pathetic little person.

  2. The funniest part is how stupid Daylight looks in all of this – since Nick has spoken at numerous events with hundreds of people in attendance, and the person asking him the question doesn’t reference Kshama when asking the question.

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  4. Hey smart guy. ACAB is not a group or an organization at all. It is a phrase, a catchy cliche, a saying. It is not a group of people, and so no, I highly doubt Caleb or anyone else keeps company with non existant groups. Do you do any research at all or do you just make shit up off the top of your simpleton liitle head because you think it will make your target look bad?

    • Wiki: “Skinheads and hooligans often use “ACAB” as “All Cops Are Bastards”” It’s clearly what I meant in the article. It’s not tough to make degenerates such as yourself look bad. Trust me. But please subscribe to the blog and the YouTube channel (moron).

      • They may use the phrase ACAB. That doesnt mean ACAB is a group or organization. It isnt. But you are obviously too fucking dumb to get that. The only person you make look bad and degenerate is yourself. Just another weak ass bitch hiding behind a camera and a computer screen.

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  6. When he was reminded of the event it’s not like he denied it. I don’t see where the news is here. He goes all over the city and speaks in front of crowds a ton. The question was a little vague don’t you think?

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