“I put my pants on one leg at a time,”  quips Callahan.  A stark contrast to the prima donna behavior showed by Nigel Jaquiss (pronounced Jack-asse’?) during a recent candidate interview.

Dateline May 3, 2014 – Woodburn Oregon:  Mark Callahan appears to be finding his stride standing up to the establishment in this hotly contested senatorial race.  Callahan, the true conservative was recently featured in a viral video put out by the Willamette Week, a highly biased Liberal paper in Portland.  The interview was conducted with Callahan and other Senate candidates for the “Willy Weak” to chose its candidate for endorsement.

During the interview, unsurprisingly, it appeared the paper seemed to favor candidate Jason Conger, a RINO-Republican with an extremely Liberal voting record on projects like a local bridge pork project, and Oregon’s failed version of Obamacare.  Next in line is big money candidate Monica Wehby who’s been endorsed by Romney and the country club crowd despite waffling on abortion and coming out against Obamacare after she was for one version of it.  In steps Callahan who calls out the paper for some rude uncalled for unprofessional and condescending behavior.

The paper’s darling, Nigel Jacquiss, who won a Pulitzer for exposing local Democrat child molester Neil Goldschmidt, (but doesn’t seem to have done anything since) was caught on tape by Callahan writing “blah blah blah” into his reporter’s notebook.  This was happening while one of the other Conservative candidates Joe Ray Perkins was answering a question.  This kind of arrogance and rude behavior does not go unnoticed by someone like Callahan:  you see, he’s a Eagle Scout and acts accordingly.  When Jaquiss doubles down asking him a question about the Easter Bunny Callahan unloads like his name sake Dirty Harry in the face of the Portland Liberal Mafia.  He then exists the interview.  If you have not seen Callahan make the lilly Jacquiss look like the arrogant ass that he apparently is, watch the viral video here.

I got in contact with Mark through Leo Stratton a close friend who volunteered and did a great job on the camerawork here.  Callahan gave me an exclusive interview in the Arby’s parking lot in Woodburn Oregon.  How much more grassroots can you get?  “I put my pants one leg at a time,” quips Callahan, a sharp contrast to the unprofessional behavior show by the Willamette Week staff.  With regard to his opponents, what did Wehby and Conger do when Callahan did the right thing?  One commenter got it dead on when he said:  “they looked like potted plants.”

Nigel Jacquiss at the Wilamette Week did not return our phone calls.

UPDATE 5/4/14:  Tucker Carlson has now covered the story on Fox and friends!  Nigel Jacquiss’ voicemail indicates he’s out of the office and not answering email and voicemail for a couple weeks!

UPDATE 5/5/2014:  Cross blogged at Citizen News!





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  1. Best thing to do, give this interview and that video as much play as possible. Nigel sure let that Pulitzer go to his head. Probably another “wait til you hear the real scenario” story there.

    • Awesome thank you very much for the thoughtful comment I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s being picked up all over the place. Tucker Carlson is a master but I scooped him on this with the help of a friend and could not be prouder of the result. Please LIKE us on Facebook at and subscribe at .

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  4. Score this interview as a victory for Everyday , working man , it conveys 2 friends talking over a beer in a fresh approach , sadly missing in Lamestream Journalism, we , in this video.. Actually get the unvarnished facts and if more incidents had follow ups from citizen Journalists, we would be better informed and less sceptical !!!

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