The dumpster is *back*. I assembled a small classroom using exclusively materials I found in the dumpster and held a Financial Management class for Portland School Superintendent Carole Smith and Principal Peyton Chapman.

Dateline Sunday September 7, 2014 – Portland Oregon:  This reporter was able to assemble an entire classroom from the stuff he found in a dumpster at Lincoln High School. Materials included pens, colored pencils, paper clips, slightly used notebooks, brand new training materials, and at least 10 desks in very good to excellent condition.

I assembled the class in the same way they are using the same desks inside the school: in a circle to form groups of four. I was able to obtain footage looking in the window of the school: same desks, same fashion.

The Ping pong table from the previous video has now reappeared, buried under garbage bags inside the dumpster. It had mysteriously disappeared before the news crew arrived last time. Now it is conveniently buried under a mound of garbage bags.

This reporter has to ask the question: if this is a recycling dumpster as the school claims, why is the general garbage from the school being thrown into it. This includes food items such as banana peels and popcorn. The City of Portland requires trash to be sorted prior to recycling. Atleast the schools had it sorted in the last dumpster. In this dumpster the school appears to be throwing everything in together.

A financial management class is assembled for Superintendent Carole Smith and Lincoln High School Principal Peyton Chapman is still assembled outside the dumpster right now.

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