Dateline April 12 2013 – Portland Oregon – by Dan Sandini:  You might have to wait for Monday to read about it in the Wall Street Journal but you can read about it here right now.  An influential gun rights advocate actually helped write the Background Check Bill coming up before the Senate this coming week.

“There’s a Million other checks in there it’s a Christmas Tree,” bragged Gottlieb, “We just hung a Million Ornaments on it.”

Alan Gottlieb, Executive Vice President of the Second Amendment Foundation, speaking candidly at a GOP gathering on Friday claimed that his staff had actually helped write the bill. He went on to  describe how the bill would be a step in the right direction for gun control advocates.

“Unfortunately some of my colleagues haven’t quite figured it out yet because they weren’t standing in the room writing it.  My staff was.  I’ll be perfectly candid about it.  This will probably break on Monday in the Wall Street Journal. “

Lacking two cameras I could not catch the multitude of jaws dropping in between bites of succulent sirloin at the Persimmon Country Club where the event was held.  If some shutter bug caught the look on former State Chair Allen Alley’s face please facebook it to me.  I’m imagining him looking like Marty Feldman.

Gottlieb was discussing Measure Number S.649 (Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of2013 ):  “A bill to ensure that all individuals who should be prohibited from buying a firearm are listed in the national instant criminal background check system and require a background check for every firearm sale, and for other purposes.”

This is the same Bill which Senator Rand Paul sought unsucessfully to fillibuster in order to protect the Second Amendment Rights of American Citizens.  I could go on but watch the video (above) and see it for yourself, or read the transcript below.  But remember … shhhhhh … it’s a secret.

Here’s the transcript 

When it comes to the Background Check Bill, some of you might not like what I’m gonna say, but I spent hours and hours, in Senator Manchin, with Senator Manchin and Pat Toomey going over what’s in that Bill.  And, I’m a little upset with the one … this whole debates gotten so polarized that it’s really hard for anybody to be intellectually honest about what any of the Bills say.  [unintelligible]  I’ll be candid, unfortunately with the background check that’s really what the case is right now.

The initial background check bill that Schumer put in was horrible.  There’s no way that any of us could support it.  It was gun registrations, there’s no two ways about it,  The Manchin-Toomey Bill despite some of my colleagues in the Gun Rights Movement talking about that  it’s registration, it is not registration.  Ahhh .. To be perfectly candid about it, it states in it that no guns can be registered.  It also carries a section in it that any federal or any state or any gun dealer with access to the NICS Check Records who misuses those records for registration purposes commits a felony with a 15 year … up to a 15 year prison term.  That’s really great protection for us.

Right Now?   Any gun sold through a dealer that goes through a background check:  there is no protection.  If someone were to misuse that list nothing happens to them.  Now they will serve 15 years … up to 15 years in prison for misusing that list, if in fact they do so.  That’s great protection.  It’s the first time we’ve had protection.  Other things in that bill which my sides not talking about?  We’re not taling about it for a reason.

If we talk about it too much, the other sie’s gonna find out about it and they’re gonna realize we’re gonna win off of this thing.  The back ground check is not even a Universal Background Check.  It’s at gun shows, commercial venues, or the internet.  And, to be candid about it, it doesn’t cover family members, of any kind, or any friends, or any gun transaction, that’s not done at a gun show or basically on the internet.  It gives protection, if you do go through the background check, you as an individual will now get both civil and criminal liability protection that you don’t have now.  If somebody sold a gun to somebody who’s misused it, nobody can sue you even in a civil court for damages.  That’s great protection that you don’t have right now.

There’s about 10 other important things in there.  One of them them that some of you have read in the newspapers that a lot of Veterans are being disarmed so to speak once they come back from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and all of a sudden because they were out processed and had stress problems the VA now puts their name into the NICS system they can’t own a gun, this new bill, this Background Check Bill has a provision in it to eradicate that. Their Rights will be restored.

It goes on and on.  Traveling across the country.  It gives you more protection so that you can take your gun from state to state than you have now.

Another important one, you cannot now legally buy a handgun in a state that you don’t live in.  If you’re not a resident of the state you can’t buy a handgun.  Under the so-call “Background CHeck Bill,” you’ll be able to buy a handgun in all 50 states, as long as you buy it from a licensed dealer you can buy it from anywhere you want.

There’s a Million other things in there it’s a Christmas Tree.  We just hung a Million Ornaments on it.  We’re taking the Background Check and making it a pro-gun bill.  Unfortunately some of my colleagues haven’t quite figured it out yet because they weren’t standing in the room writing it.  My staff was.  I’ll be perfectly candid about it.  This will probably break on Monday in the Wall Street Journal.  So your getting a little of “Inside Baseball.” …

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  10. The transcript stops short of the full video; here is the transcription of the rest (to the best of my ability):

    “So you’re getting a little of “Inside Baseball” right now.

    So a lot of my people are going to oppose it because they don’t want any background check at all. Let’s be honest with you, philosophically, in a perfect world – I don’t want any background checks either. But I also don’t want criminals buying guns and killing people with them. And I can’t justify morally that a person walks into a gun show, buys a gun from somebody without giving his name, the guy can hardly speak english, and he walks out the door with that firearm with no check, nothing at all.

    I want to be honest with you – we can’t tolerate that. We’re going to lose all of our rights if we allow that to continue to go on. It’s not a sustainable position for us to take. Yes, we might be able to win the battle this time and stop it in congress, you’re going to lose the war over time with that. And when you lose that – your Republican candidates, they’re going to run on that with Mike Bloomberg spending millions of dollars in their districts wiping them out, and then Democrats get there: they don’t want background checks, they want gun bans. It’s not a tenable position for us to take; we’re marching off the edge of a cliff with it. So the trick is if you can get a background check that doesn’t do anything to you, basically, and if you have a concealed weapons permit in any state or a gun license of any kind in any state, under the Toomey-Manchin proposal there is no background check. You have to fill out the 4473 form, stays in a dealer’s file and never even gets called into the government. That’s what we’re calling a background check.

    If you really read what’s in the Manchin-Toomey bill, man its a godsend. And what it gives us back – we win rights back like crazy. We’re also going to get, which nobody knows about yet, either on Tuesday when it gets passed (and believe me it’s going to get passed big) or on Wednesday or Thursday thereafter, there’s another amendment that’s going to go to that bill. Right now Chuck Schumer killed the federal restoration of firearms rights for anyone that has a white collar crime, you can’t get your rights restored. What’s going to happen is there’s going to be an amendment to that bill on the floor of the senate restoring those rights; Chuck Schumer’s going to vote against it, he’s pissed off about it – it’s not part of the main part of the bill because he stopped that – but it’s going to pass, because we have enough Democrats to come up with the Republicans to pass that. The restoration of rights that don’t exist right now, another victory for the gun rights movement.

    The problem is that a lot of people in the gun rights movement, because they’ve dug themselves in on this saying they would oppose any kind background check no matter what, are not at the table and are not able to write the legislation. Mark my – believe me, I’m solidly 100% pro-gun. What we get back in return for a meaningless background check, which I admit will not solve the problem criminals will still get their guns anyway, we get back a whole bunch of things we don’t have right now. We get more rights and more freedom.

    To me, that’s a win. And I think we snookered the other side, and they haven’t figured it out yet. I can’t give you my quote about it in the media, but I will admit it’s going to break in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.”

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  12. So, Gottlieb sneaks off to wheel and deal without telling anyone or making any attempts to get input from anyone else? NRA, GOA, JPFO, nobody? Who told this moron to negotiate for anything at all? How does he know what terms are acceptable and what defines a “win”? My God, what a presumptuous FOOL!

    Now, when the bill is shredded beyond recognition and rewritten to our detriment, the enemy will have the “support of the gun community” writ large upon it.

    I can’t say anymore without cursing in several languages …

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  25. The final version of the bill has 10 exemptions for background checks. Transfers are allowed between immediate family, for antique firearms, due to inheritance, for maintenance and repair for guns, and transfers caused by a military deployment.

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