Gender must be abolished.  So says radical feminist Heath Atom Russell as he describes a radical feminist utopia.

Dateline Saturday May 24, 2014 – Portland, OregonThis weekend the Multnomah County Public Library hosted “Radfems Respond,” a conference for “social justice activists” which encouraged public dialogue on issues such as “abolishing prostitution and ending gender.”  To a round of raucous applause radical feminist Heath Atom Russell, of WoLF, short for Women’s Liberation Front, describes a utopian world for radical feminists.  In Mr. Russell’s own words:

“Allow me, in this moment, to paint the landscape for you of what this alternative society would look like:  a world without patriarchy.  Close your eyes and visualize with me a world full of living creatures.  Patriarchic civilization, industrialization, and resource extraction become a horror of the past.  The species, both plant and animal, killed off by male supremacy, we can never bring back.  But the plants and animals once on the brink of extinction, are now thriving in complete living biospheres.  Can you see the frogs, the squirrels, the otters, and the hawks?  Breathe in this new life, no longer a world based in plastics, nor petroleum.  In a pro female society, we can now turn our focus towards the women.”

From the leaflet distributed at the event we learn from WoLF’s code of conduct that:

“Wolf members are female at birth.  If you try to ‘pass’ in WOLF you will be told to leave.  WOLF members do not identify as male, men.  If you identify as male, find another group.”

And from WoLF’s Statement of Principles:

“We believe …

That female humans, the class of people called women, are oppressed by men under a male-supremacist system called patriarchy.

That Patriarchy is organized around the extraction of resources from female bodies and minds in the service of men. Including reproductive, sexual, labor, emotional, and financial resources.

That gender is an oppressive hierarchical caste system that is integral to the preservation of male supremacy, and that gender cannot be reformed – it must be abolished.”

Here’s the WOLF full “Code of Conduct” front, and back.

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