“… the sex class men is simply male privilege and gender identity and it needs to be abolished if women are ever to be free. ” Thus says Lierre Keith a radical feminist who spoke at a local library Saturday.

UPDATE Thursday, May 29 2017:  According to David Thompson’s Blog:

“‘Ms Keith has long been a vocal champion of vandalism, harassment and “militant action,” and taken at their own words, she and her colleagues would like to see those they deem “associated” with environmental accidents being killed by the state.’ … ‘In March 2010 Ms Keith was herself targeted for “militant action” by disgruntled vegans even more radical and pious than she, and who disrupted her lecture at an anarchist book fair by pelting Ms Keith with chili-flavoured cream pies. An experience our fearless titan found both bewildering and outrageous.’ 

UPDATE Monday, June 9, 2014:  Now blogged up over at my friends at Victory Girls as well:

“Another, less amusing, example of lesbian privilege comes to us from my dear friend Daylight Disinfectant as a result of an investigation he did on campus conferences at a local University. He attended a radical feminist conference (brave of any man) and got some prime video of many crazy things but the one that stood out to me as a great example of this lesbian privilege concept was a woman named Lierre Keith who gave a presentation during which she had a giant slide of a penis on the wall behind her calling for the abolition of the white race (of which she is a member) and of men (who she bears a striking resemblance to).”

Dateline Saturday, May 24, 2014 – Portland, Oregon: Yep at times there were kids in the room and yep again, this was your local library. Lierre Keith with a large penis projected behind her head, supported a call call for the end of the white race, and made her own demand: an end to the sex we call “Men.” Keith is a Radical Feminist with a group called “Deep Green Resistance” which distributed literature from the taxpayer funded facility. The FAQ included the following information:

“Radical feminists are critical of gender itself. We are not gender reformists – we are gender *abolitionists*. [emphasis added] Without the socially constructed gender roles that form the basis of patriarchy, all people would be free to dress, behave and love others in whatever way they wished, no matter what kind of body they had”

Keith finishes her speech with a call to an end to masculinity itself:

“Liberty and a living planet will only be won when masculinity, its religion, its economics, it’s psychology and it’s sex is resisted and finally defeated.”

These are about 5 minutes of speech excerpts in full HD.  Here’s the brochure distributed by Lierre Keith’s group, Deep Green Resistance (DGR),  front and back.  Here’s the DGR handout inside leaflet, front, and back.

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  2. she has a mental disorder? (perpetual hate is a mental disorder; so I’m not being smug.) without men there would be no women and without… kind of basic stuff. Her rant just proves the current liberal social and educational systems in our country is in dire decline. Unfortunately, for all of us – including her – there are many young people in our country whom have grown old and despicable way too soon and have forgotten to look beyond themselves. …mirror mirror on the wall; who’s the greatest victim of them all? me me me!!! – and they are being used by those who patronize them into such flimsy excuses as a good cause for human self-righteousness – so as to erase all moral reasoning of what true cause really means… thus, those who patronize [them] use them. feminism takes the individual out of every woman – then they become this.

  3. Are you sure that isn’t Justin Bieber? I can’t wait to cross-post this. Has this genius figured out what all the women are going to when the men are gone? (I know the answer, but how will they reproduce?)

    Pass the Advil.

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