“I don’t see a reason for them,” says Representative Lew Fredrick.

Dateline Saturday January 31, 2015 – Portland Oregon:  Photogenic Speaker of the Oregon House Tina Kotek caught the eye of constituents at her town hall in NE Portland this morning. Kotek expressed support for a “pro-rape” gun measure which she called “closing a loophole.” “I think this is the session we’re going to close those loopholes … Elections matter,” says Kotek. The measure would effectively ban you from loaning or selling a gun to a sister (or other female relative or friend) who was in imminent danger of a sexual assault.

Public Enemy Number One Gun Grabber Senator Chip Shields chimes in to support the Anti-Second Amendment legislation. He indicates he’s going to abuse his power, ramming it through on the basis that it’s to be considered a public safety issue.

“The Public Safety Subcommittee will have some say, and we should … ahh … that we’ve (sic) determined to have that fiscal impact. We’ll be in a very good position to usher those through the ways and means process with myself and Jennifer Williamson both as co-chairs of the Public Safety Subcommittee.”

But it’s nothing compared to what full blooded Commie Representative Lew Fredrick has to offer. “I don’t see a reason for them,” says Fredrick referring to guns.

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