Democrat “Gun Grabber” Quotes Communist at Town Hall.

Dateline Saturday January 31, 2015 – Portland Oregon: One of the most chilling moments during this weekend’s town hall in NE Portland came when Senator Chip Shields took to the floor. Shields is Gun Grabber Number One in Oregon, promising to use his powerful Public Safety Subcommittee to strong arm through anti-gun legislation, which could be called “Pro-Rape.” The measure would effectively ban you from loaning or selling a gun to a sister (or other female relative or friend) who was in imminent danger of a sexual assault.

In this clip Shields looked positively megalomaniac. Closing one eye slightly, and grinning satanically, he looks directly into the camera and quotes a famous Communist Ricardo Levins-Morales:

“if you give me a fish you have fed me for a day. If you teach me to fish then you have fed me until the river is contaminated, or the shoreline is seized for development. But if you teach me how to *organize* … if you teach me how to *organize*… then we can fashion or own solutions. Right?”

The clip is unedited and is presented in high Definition.

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