The day before Thanksgiving I was the target of a hit piece by Portland Mercury’s News Editor Denis C. Theriault that included half-truths, innuendo and outright lies. Nice timing Denis.  When someone sent me the link I was about to leave for the Oregon coast to spend the holiday with my boyfriend.  I refused to let it ruin our time together with his family over the Holidays.  But, Christmas is over and so is Mr. Theriault’s short-lived, ill-deserved respite from my attention.

Mr. Theriault made no attempt to contact me to validate any of his supposed facts prior to his publication of his article. While I am not a trained journalist, it’s my understanding that “due diligence” is something expected of any “real” reporter before publishing something so potentially damaging. I’ll correct the record here and offer some observations on Mr. Theriault’s behavior as a poster child for the drive-by media.

Denis Theriault. News Editor of the Portland Mercury, “exposed” at the TEA Party where he claims he was “accosted.”  The thumb would probably be more appropriately placed someplace else. (I’ve given him a similar treatment in this short video as he did to me in the Occupy PDX Media Coalition video he linked to his article)

In his article Mr. Theriault claims that I “accosted” him on April 15th. If you look at the definition of the word it includes the meaning “to address boldly,” which I did. I interviewed him when he smiled, laughed, and ignored Communists and Anarchists who hurled the F-Bomb and gave the double middle finger (amongst other unmentionable vulgarities) to families with kids at the TEA party. To make matters worse, this was during the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of our National Anthem. I was appalled by his lack of interest in reporting what he saw.  So technically, he’s correct.  But what’s important here is Theriault’s use of the word “accosted” which is deliberately ambiguous. Other meanings include violence. As everyone present can attest, I committed no violence. Theriault used the plausible deniability of the double entendre as a convenient smear.

Even the title of his article, “Anti-Occupy Group Daylight Disinfectant Revealed” is misleading. I am not part of any “Anti-Occupy Group.” I actually support some of the original tenets of the so-called “movement.” I produce and contribute to a YouTube Channel, which covers political events from a conservative perspective. For an example, see my interview of Sam Adams on the Channel. Also check out my most viewed video, which has nothing to do with Occupy and was published long before Occupy was even conceived by Unions and other Fat-Cat Leftists.  We did help put Occupy out of business, as well it should have been, by showing it’s true naked underbelly.  For example, we exposed the violence, and the true hypocrisy of the lawless group’s guest speakers with YouTube videos that were carried by the mainstream outside the WIllamette Valley and went stratospheric.  These were videos that Sam Adams could not ignore when we rubbed his nose in it on his FaceBook page.

But further to the point, Mr. Theriault did not “reveal” anything as he claims. I have spent the last months as a featured guest on numerous AM radio programs on KPAM, KUIK, KYKN, KXL and where I use my full name and the name of my YouTube Channel “Daylight Disinfectant.” I even spell it out D-A-Y-L-I-G-H-T-D-I-S-I-N-F-E-C-T-A-N-T. The full recording of one of those guest appearances with Oregon AM radio legend Bill Post can be found on the channel with my name on it. The insinuation that this is somehow still a secret is deliberately misleading, and a lame attempt at “gotcha” journalism.

Author Dan Sandini Live at Occupy PDX appearing with local radio icon Victoria Taft using the name of my YouTube channel “daylightdisinfectant.”

But the lies don’t stop there. The article claims that I take people out of context in my YouTube videos.  No examples are cited by Mr. Theriault because they do not exist.  Finally, the article states that I photographed myself at the Michael Moore event. I did nothing of the kind. I have never seen the photo in his article (republished below) prior to his publishing it and have no idea who took it.

Me getting the drop on Michael Moore.  In disguise, I hadn’t showered in three days to fit in with the Occupiers.  Theriault claims I had this picture taken of myself:

An Out-and-Out Lie.

For someone who is supposed to represent the “alternative viewpoint” on the news here in Portland, I find it interesting that Mr. Theriault chose to attack one of the few independent news sources remaining in the city: the Citizen Journalist. Could it be because I take a Conservative perspective and pose a threat to his unchallenged selective Liberally-biased yellow journalism? Mr. Theriault even stoops to ridiculing other Citizen Journalists I work with based on their personal appearances.  So much for “keeping Portland weird.”

I find it even more interesting that Mr. Theriault was present front-and-center when I was being called a “F-ing homo” and racist slurs were yelled at blacks in the TEA Party by a bunch of leftists thugs organized by the Democratic Party. Mr. Theriault declined to report on any of it. He instead chose to attack one of the only reporters who did report it. Now, with the publication of his article, he seems to have joined forces with the Occupy PDX Media who have shoved me, threatened me, and otherwise attempted to intimidate me. Mr. Theriault’s article is only their latest attempt: and it won’t work.

Left: Leftist thug calls me a “f-cking homo” at the TEA Party. Right: “There’s the Uncle Tom!” Black TEA Partiers (including children) were the targets of racial slurs and epithets by Leftist Counter Protestors. Theriault chose not to report any of it and instead attacked those who did report it.

To give you an example of the folks Mr. Theriault has teamed up with (who have been guilty of well over 400 crimes), take a look at Sam Gibson, one of the Leaders of Occupy Portland Media. According to a reliable tip on my channel, recently Gibson had words for his waitress over at the Lotus, an eating establishment across the street from Occupy. Apparently Gibson was later banned from the restaurant. According to the commenter:

“I was heading into THE_ LOTUS to meet a friend of mine and he [Gibson] was storming out with one of the waitresses in tow. She was telling him that he needed to leave because he was being “disruptive” to the other patrons. He argued with her for a moment, but he wasn’t very polite about it, choosing a few other choice words. The waitress said, “Thanks, but if you come back, I’ll call the cops,” to which he [Gibson] replied, ‘Thanks, and you’re a C*nt…’”

Sam Gibson, one of the leads at Occupy Portland Media who have teamed up with Theriault, comes at my camera. According to one source, Gibson called his waitress a “C*nt” while on a break from “peaceful” Occupy Portland.

I’ve tried to imagine reasons why a News Editor who is front and center to observe an anti-gay, racist counter protest put on by the Democratic Party could witness such an important story, fail to report it, and instead teamed up with Occupy to attack those who did. You would have to be Mr. Magoo, who can’t see news past the end of his nose through his coke-bottle-bottom glasses. Or perhaps like the famous Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes who, bribed by his keepers, repeatedly exclaims: “I know nuthing, nuthing!” I leave it to the reader to draw his or her own conclusions.

Left: Magoo can’t see the news if it’s staring him in the face. Middle: Theriault never reported the racism or homophobic attacks on TEA Patriers. Right: The infamous Sergeant Schultz: “I know Nuthing, nuthing …”

[Update:  Since the publication of the original article by Denis “Mr. Magoo” Theriault, the author wrote a registered letter to Theriault’s boss:  Wm. Steven Humphrey Editor-in-Chief of the Portland Mercury.  This brought a swift return letter from Humphrey offering to make accommodating changes, and a subsequent partial retraction by Theriault under instruction from his boss.  Although note wholly satisfactory, the author feels this action is sufficient to put the Mercury on notice that they can not slander and get away with it.  For the time being I’m letting the matter rest and will use their reaction as a part of establishing any patterned behavior by the paper of further assaults against character.]

Caught:  A few too many? Wm. Steven Humphrey, Editor-in-Chief of the Portland Mercury ordered underling Theriault to make changes to the original story based on factual inaccuracies.  Humphrey’s paper was caught selectively not reporting abhorrent racist, anti-gay and anti-American remarks made by the Left.

About the Author
Inspired by Andrew Beitbart and James O’Keefe, Dan Sandini is an independent citizen journalist working out of Portland, Oregon. He is a staunch advocate of the First Amendment. In 2010 he was assaulted by Democrat thugs for having the temerity to record a speech by then gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber. He produced a video of the Orwellian experience, which has received almost 70,000 views.  Following the 2011 Tax Day TEA Party he produced videos detailing the hateful rhetoric and behavior of the Left, including homophobia, racism, anti-Americanism, and threats of violence. These videos have been seen by over 1 Million people and were featured on The Glenn Beck ProgramThe O’Reilly Factor, and Sean Hannity.

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