[WARNING UNCENSORED PROFANITY] An apparently unstable PSU student accosts and assaults me while trying to shut down my camera.

Dateline Saturday February 20, 2016, Portland Oregon: I’m a journalist out running in the Southwest Park Blocks in Portland Oregon last Wednesday February 10, 2016 when a woman in a white van fails to yield and almost hits me. I sense a story since she appears to be a foreigner with little knowledge of our traffic laws. The driver, who appears to be of Arabic decent, fails to remain at the scene of the accident and I run after her to at least get a plate and find out who she is, fearing she may be a future danger to students. The video picks up from there.

A passing student accosts me, assaults me, and grabs my camera in an attempt to stop me from filming. I try and educate him on the Constitution which he apparently has never read. So intent on getting me to stop filming in a public park he calls the police. He then goes on a rant trying top get me to not film the police: explicitly allowed by law in Portland. Spoiler alert: the cops take my side and invite me to lodge a complaint again the lunatic Commie dumb ass student.

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