“Pepper Spray up!” Commands the Sergeant to the riot squad with their batons drawn. “Move!” Then they charge! Watch this exciting scene from last night’s action. DD fans have a front row seat!

Dateline Tuesday, November 25, 2014 – Portland Oregon. Watch exciting unedited footage as the Portland Riot squad on the command “Move!” shows they were more than ready to reopen the Interstate 84 last night. Shot this with my iPhone and uploaded it from the scene. To my chagrin I had orientation and frame rate problems so I edited it just enough to fix these technical issues. Feel the excitement as the riot squad surprises me from the right. (I think they even brushed up against me! You can then see the anarchists fleeing in the face of shock and awe! A female officer orders me off the public space, and I complied. I was wearing a press pass. I get conflicting orders once I get to the sidewalk, but I eventually, understand, comply and exit the scene to the adjacent sidewalk.

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