“Are we allowed to say anything about the rally?” Others seem unsure as a Portland teacher relays details of plans to shutdown the city at noon on February 20th.

Dateline Portland Oregon Thursday February 13, 2014 – At a public “Teachers Community Forum,” Lincoln High teacher Amanda Jane Elliot relays details of a plan to shutdown the city center. Teachers will walk out of classrooms and take public transportation to the center of the city rallying at Pioneer Courthouse Square on February 20th at noon. (Of course they have a permit and have secured the proper insurance right?) “Caleb” who is from the Portland Student Union chimes in. He promises a thousand students to join them and is “egged on” by Elliot. Portland Student Union is an organization of Public High School students who are in lock step with teachers planning to shutter area schools. The group recently shut down a School Board Meeting using amplification equipment supplied by the International Socialists Organization (ISO), a Communist Organization which calls Portland State University Home. Well known ISO organizers were also involved in the disruption which caused the board to cancel the meeting.

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