CAUGHT ON TAPE: Anti-gunner Rep Williamson tells a whopper understating the number of delayed background checks by 400%.

Dateline Monday February 8, 2016 – Portland Oregon: House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson, a Democrat from District 36 Portland is lying to her constituents. Williamson is seen by Dems as one of the “beautiful people” an “up-and-comer” in the Democrat Party. True to form she is showing her skill in one specialized category practiced 24×7, 365 by the Libs: Lying to the Oregon Citizens. Ginny Burdick has the gold medal sewed up, but Williamson is right on her heels.

At the Town Hall a week ago Saturday Williamson used the number 1800 for calendar year 2015 total pending/delayed/rejected background check applications So these applications consist mostly of law abiding Citizens who are un-Constitutionally being denied access to a firearm. A real concern. Williamson wants this number to appear small, so again 1800 is the number that she put out, and that; as a voter and a reporter; I grabbed onto. I caught it on tape and pressed on.

I used Williamson’s 1800 number in my testimony Wednesday to the Oregon House Committee on Judiciary. The Committee Headed by Representative Jeff Barker, held a held a hearing on Williamson’s Bill. You can see me use the 1800 number here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld7GHe_kPts) on my youtube channel where I have put up my testimony. I was just accepting what Williamson had told me at the town hall. My guess, Barker doesn’t know the voters are being lied to either.

Kevin Starrett of the Oregon Firearms Federation picked on my error saying something like “its 8000 not 1800.” To this I said to myself “huh/” So when I “reverse engineered” her testimony from Wednesday’s Hearing, sure enough, there was Kevin’s 8000 number. So I Googled. Sure enough, there was the 8000 number Kevin sourced from the Oregonian.

So a week ago Sat at the Town Hall Williamson lied or made a mistake with the 1800 number. She seems very sure or herself.. Underestimating the magnitude of the problem by 4 times (400%) is a pretty convenient “mistake” to make to your constituents.

And it’s all on tape for you in this video.

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