In addition to wanting to disarm the Citizenry, Anti-Gun Rep is also friend to child molesters, advocating the elimination of mandatory minimum sentences.

Dateline Wednesday, February 10, 2016 – Portland, Oregon: In advocating for House Bill 3194 Jennifer Williamson advocated lighter sentencing for child molesters. This is evidenced by testimony entered into the record on April 13, 2013 on behalf of Judge Campbell in the Joint Public Safety Committee on HB 3194. Williamson advocated strongly for House Bill 3194, which advocated lighter sentencing for child molesters. Listen in to the disgusting details of the horrific crime. Under the bill Williamson advocated the child molester could have been given any sentence which the judge felt the molester deserved. Yes even a slap on the wrist from Oregon’s Anti-Gun, Pro-Rape Representative.

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