A woman in a mink stole demands slavery reparations and WHITELANDIA is to be included in school curriculum.

Dateline Monday January 26, 2015 – Portland, Oregon: Over the weekend I broke a story where Portland Public Schools (PPS) sponsored a lecture on “White Privilege” led by the Producers of the film Whitelandia. Portland Teachers got credit for participating this past Thursday, where the organizers tried unsuccessfully to shut my camera down. I continue to go through over two hours of footage. In this Part 2, I provide some more of the more interesting sound bites.

We begin with the video’s “teaser.” A member of the audience, a woman in a mink stole, demands reparations for slavery.

“… He talked about the question of the film ending? Maybe it could be something towards *reparations*”

The woman has since been identified as JoAnn Hardesty a Principal Partner at Hardesty Consulting. She’s also the woman who organized the Trayvon Martin marches, runs a page called “No New Jim Crow,” and appeared in a film by that name.

Next up is Dr. Calvin Henry the Head Advisor for WHITELANDIA. First he’s does a good job describing what the makers of the film feel the problem is: state-sponsored, and state sanctioned discrimination which still exists today. He says:

“Our effort is to say to you or to everybody else through our effort to bring forth this STATE SANCTIONED DISCRIMINATION, whether it’s in education, religion … if you name the whole gamut of our society, the institutions and all the things that go on day-to-day, you find all sorts of discrimination taking place, that we necessarily need to involve ourselves in.”

Really? STATE-SANCTIONED, discrimination? I’d like that list please and I will personally present it to Governor Kitzhaber and file a lawsuit. But they never seem to provide concrete examples.

Dr. Henry continues with details on how the plan is to use WHITELANDIA in the public school curriculum!

“We hope that this film would serve as an input to educational curriculum that could lead other kinds of things.”

He continues:

“Many of you have had problems finding jobs in this City, in this State and in this Country. But you won’t tell your white friends that you have had problems. And a lot of time white friends won’t think of you when there’s a job available in your neck of the woods.”

Later, Theresa Raiford, the Leader of “Don’t Shoot Portland” pipes up. She bitterly contradicts him:

“I know that I was supposed to be a panelist tonight and I’m sure that it wasn’t White People, who said ‘Don’t let her voice be a part of this panel'”

Following this in one of the more absurd moments of the WHITELANDIA Lecture, Associate producer Devin Williams describes his relationship with Co-Producer Matt Zodrow. “This is who I have my *Bromances* with. We go on dates and have good times …” says Williams.

An appearance by MC Mic Crenshaw is next up. He claims that the the Police in Portland “never are held accountable.” Right.

Ex-teach Carolyn Leonard cries poor talking about her four houses and that there are five generations to be taken care of: “Grandma, Ma, Me, my daughter, my daughter’s kids.” Keep in mind part of her schooling, according to her PPS resume, happened in Switzerland. She claims that people walk behind the houses of Black People looking for boats in the back yard to file ordinance violations against them in order to obtain the property. You just can’t make this stuff up folks. She says:

“They walk behind the houses of Black People in Portland Oregon. If you got a boat in the back, you get a citation, now how do they know? They want ya gone, and it’s real, real, clear.”

Matt Zodrow reiterates that plan is to include WHITELANDIA in the Portland Public School curriculum: “Where hoping that there’s curriculum built around the film through PPS.”

Hang in there for the Liberal loon at the end:

“I believe that, what I see is, there’s a system of apartheid installed in Portland … If you look at who represents the Government here, it’s all white people … they work for the developers, the capitalists, the One Percenters …”

The Lecture included appearances by:

– Tracy MacDonald Co-Producer and Director of the film WHITELANDIA
– Lolenzo Po, the Equity Director for Portland Public Schools
– Matt Zodrow, Co-Producer for WHITELANDIA and facilitator of the discussion
– Dr. Calvin Henry, Head Advisor for WHITELANDIA
– Carolyn Leonard, Retired PPS Administrator and “Community Activist” (who’s resume includes classes in Switzerland)
– Devin Williams, Associate Producer for the WHITELANDIA Documentary

Another 5 minutes of pure Liberal Lunacy in High Definition (HD) brought to you by, YOU: the taxpayer.

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