“You’ve got a despicable situation happening in this United Snakes of America” claims Black Panther Ahjama Umi” while delivering a key note address to Portland’s thinly attended May Day Rally.

Dateline Thursday May 1, 2014 – Portland Oregon:  The head of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party who is also a Black Panther gave an inflammatory keynote speech to a thinly attended May Day Rally in the SW Park Blocks Thursday afternoon.  In this video that contains speech highlights in high definition, Ahjama Umi who describes himself as “an African on the slave plantation,” describes  his version of the “land of the free and the home of the brave”:

”This is these peoples land, as far as I’m concerned we don’t have to ask anybody to be here … why do they have to prove anything to America, America has to prove something to us.  America has to prove that she’s not a criminal nation.  Good luck with that.  America has to prove that she’s not a racist nation.  Good luck with that.  America has to prove that she’s not a sexist nation.  America has to prove that she’s not a classless nation.  America has to prove that she’s not a nation that puts money ahead of people.  Good luck with that.  It can’t happen because we all know the truth.  This society was built on injustice and it’s maintained by injustice.”

UPDATE Saturday May4, 2014 – Portland, Oregon:  Turns out  Ahjama Umi is also a Black Panther.  The video has over 200 views in less than 24 hours! High trajectory for a small video but it makes the point about who the people Nicholas Ivan Caleb (a Candiate for City Council running in Portland, who spouts Marxist ideology is hanging his hat with.  These are violent, immoral, win-at-all-cost radical Leftists who are hell bent on destroying the United States  Listen to this garbage and imagine it in City Hall!  That is was is coming.  It’s our version of the Obama Administration’s resigned-in-disgrace Communist Van Jones.  Listen to him call for Militant action in the 4 minute video.

His emotional speech was delivered at the event “May Day Rally 2014,” a four hour rally and march which was described by it’s organizers as follows:

“As we approach International Workers Day in 2014, we find ourselves facing unprecedented cuts to public services including education, street and park maintenance, social services, unemployment insurance and much more. As a result we are seeing a rapid increase in symptoms of poverty including houselessness and food insecurity. Along with all of this we continue to experience attacks on people of color, immigrants, working families, women, students and our right to organize.

Our response to this onslaught against humanity is to organize and FIGHT BACK!!”

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