“Got anything against the Second Amendment?” I ask. “Just the fact that it led to the genocide of my ancestors,” responds Occupier Mario Haro.

Dateline Wednesday February 18, 2015 – Portland Oregon: I went down to the anti-Police rally organized by members of the anti-American terror group La Raza on Wednesday. I was not allowed to film by some of the protestors who blocked the sidewalk, put signs in my face, and bumped me. “Fuck You” says one protestor when I bring up the First Amendment, and my civil rights to film from a public sidewalk

In the video you can hear the officer on the scene warn Mario Haro that “there is enough to arrest people for.” Antonio Zamora, a violent felon who has accosted me before is most notable, shown clearly blocking access to the sidewalk. In another funny moment Zamora almost looses his pants while doing what is supposedly his native dance. Note that Zamora lists “Black” as his race on his Felony arrest record. Isn’t it a crime to lie to the police? Zamora also tries to tell me what I can, and can not film on a public street, a clear violation of my civil rights.

But what is really on display here is the anti-Amercanism by Haro. He compares my actions and the actions of the officer to the burning of the Jews by the Nazis. He also teases me about my lamenting of the burning of the Constitution.

“… is it the burning of your Constitution? Is that your Constitution? Aw … Did you write that? Did your Forefathers write that? Isn’t that so sad? Awww …”

quips Haro. Pretty funny.

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