Violent Anarchist in epic exchange with Black Pastor

Dateline Saturday January 17, 2015 – Portland Oregon: At a meeting last weekend of the “Don’t Shoot Portland” crowd one vocal member takes to the microphone for an epic rant against “White Jesus” and the “Christian Oppressors.” Mario Haro, a known anarchist and occupier in the Portland area, grabs the mic at the Black Church and says:

“Christianity has part to do with the genocide that made this country. We’re here in these walls that represent a White Jesus that oppresses humanity.”

Haro is just getting warmed up as he proceeds to try throw Black Police Union Head Daryl Turner under the Occupier bus as well:

“The fact of the matter is this: You’ve got the head of the PPA here (referring to police union head Turner) who’s basically just kowtowing to a racist institution. He just wants his slice.”

But Mario is not done. Mayor Charlie Hales is in his sites next:

“Y’all know what the definition of fascism is right?, The corporation and melding of the state [SIC]. Charlie Hales worked for the City, pioneered this Streetcar, then leaves the City and where’s he go work? For the Streetcar that makes money off of the City.”

Mario’s not getting off Scott free. Bethel African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church Pastor the Honorable Reverend Terry McCray Hill grabs the mic and gives him a royal ass chewing. He’s not trashing God’s house and getting away with it.

“… Get the bulletin cover from last week with the Black Jesus on it,” retorts McCray Hill … “In this place, and in this particular faith community, we represent a Jesus of many colors! He may not be White, may not be Black, may not be Red or Brown but it’s to who we look to as a sure enough liberator!”

The crowd roars in approval.

The must see exchange was captured as a part of the Question and Answer Session held following the event at a meeting titled “#DONTSHOOTPDX #DSP2015 #BridgingGaps #CivicDialogues” at the Bethel AME Church in Northeast Portland. The forum included Portland Police Association President Daryl Turner, and City of Portland Mayor/ Police Commissioner, Charles Hales. During the meeting members of the audience were given 2 minutes to ask questions.

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