Cover Oregon says Federal Government said “No” to their request for help.

Dateline Tuesday November 19, 2013 – Portland, Oregon – The team put in place by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber is in part blaming the Federal Government for the state’s failed Obamacare site. The site has yet to sign up a single applicant. In testimony provided last Thursday, Rocky King, the Executive Director for Cover Oregon states: “… I will tell you we went to the Feds. The Feds offered us any kind of assistances they could give us. We went and said we want ah … an architectural engineer that is familiar and knowledgeable about Oracle so that they could come in and do some of the things we’re asking … and they couldn’t …” He is then corrected by the Chief Information Officer for Cover Oregon, Aaron Karjala. Karajala interjects: “They haven’t got back to us yet …” King then goes on: “The other thing we asked for is ah … independent testers, we asked for six independent testers. They did come back and say ‘NO’ to the testers.” Karjala then confirms and amplifies that that the Feds denied the request: “‘No’ at this point but they’ll track it.

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