“Dangerous people with guns are a threat to women,” say Gabby Giffords who visited with Oregon Gun Grabbers tonight,. You have a front row seat.

Dateline Tuesday October 21, 2014 – Portland Oregon: Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords met tonight with advocates of gun control legislation at Grant Public High School in Portland Oregon. “Women can lead the way …,” says Giffords “we stand for common sense.” The group seemingly sought to fly “under the radar” of Oregon Second Amendment advocates gathering in a meeting that was not well advertised.

Susan Stoltenberg, Executive Director, of YWCA Portland kicks off this highlights reel.  Stoltenberg is captured on tape advocating “… expanded application of the exclusion of the ability to own or possess a firearm …”  No surprises there.  Carla Piluso, the Retired Gresham Police Chief advocates changes in gun education indicating that “little girls” need to be spoken to at a very early age. “Pre-school works for me,” quips Piluso. Amanda Marshall, the Obama appointed DA for the District of Oregon, laughs about the fact that she can’t advocate any particular legislation, even though it’s apparent from her joviality and body language that quite the opposite is true, and given that it’s the apparent purpose of the meeting.  Marshall feels kids need to be indoctrinated “from birth.”

Jenna Yuille, Co-Founder, Gun Owners for Responsible Ownership laments:  “One of the biggest problems we have is this partisan nature of our Government.” (Gosh darn the fact that we don’t just have one person or party in charge like in North Korea.)  Judy Shiprack, Multnomah County Commissioner, District 3 picks no bones that she’s out to advocate legislation that would throw existing privacy laws (which seem the nemesis of all at the table) out the window providing personal data of all lawful Oregon gun owners to the Feds.  At least Colen Domenech of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms seems to think that the existing policy may not be a bad one. Hard to tell.  You see she’s not allowed to take a position either. Riiiiiiight.

This first highlights reel is 5 minutes of pure gun grabbing excitement with more to come. Please ::LIKE:: the video, share it with your friends and be sure to subscribe!

Dan Sandini(IMDB Page) From the Cast Page for the Documentary “Occupy Unmasked”:  Inspired by Andrew Breitbart and James O’Keefe, Dan Sandini is an independent citizen journalist working out of Portland, Oregon. He is a staunch advocate of the First Amendment. In 2010 he was assaulted by Democrat thugs for having the temerity to record a speech by then gubernatorial candidate John Kitzhaber. He produced a video of the Orwellian experience, which has received almost 70,000 views. Following the 2011 Tax Day TEA Party he produced videos detailing the hateful rhetoric and behavior of the Left, including homophobia, racism, anti-Americanism, and threats of violence. These videos have been seen by over 1 Million people and were featured on The Glenn Beck ProgramThe O’Reilly Factor, and Sean Hannity.

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