“We need national laws so that people cannot bring guns across state lines.”

Dateline Sunday September 25, 2016 – Portland Oregon:  Just when you think you have heard every Liberal Loony idea for anti-Americanism coming out of the Left, they seem to push it just one notch further. Back from his recent visit to the planet Libtard, Reverend Doctor Chuck Perry advocates banning the ability to transport a gun across state lines. No comment on what other items decorated veterans, law enforcement officers and ordinary citizens should or should not be able to carry with them while going to work or shopping with the family: hammers? knives? cork screws? pointy sticks. No word from felons on whether they will adhere to his proposed restrictions.

He also wants to ban “assault weapons” (basically, modern hunting rifles), and prohibit the National Rifle Association (NRA) from participating in the political debate over the Second Amendment. Keep in mind the NRA is the largest, most publicly supported constitutional rights organization in the history of the United States.

The Kooky Creepy Chaplain was captured at the Ceasefire Oregon Portland version of the “Concert Across America” held at Pioneer Courthouse Square, Sunday Sept. 25th. The event was led by none other than one of the Kookiest Creepiest Controllers of them all, local Liberal loon and perennial dumbass Penny Okamoto the Director of Ceasefire Oregon.

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