Was Cover Oregon’s Obamacare CIO caught in a lie regarding staffing at this week’s Board Meeting?

Dateline November 15, 2013 – Portland, Oregon:  Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber’s Cover Oregon Obamacare implementation is over a month and a half late in delivering a functional health care marketplace with no signs that they are getting any closer to completing the project.  At this weeks board meeting Oracle Vice President for Government Operations Tom Buttner (SP?) responds to a question from an astute board member.  Ms. Aelea Christofferson asks:  “What is Oracle doing to fix the problem?”  The Oracle Vice President clearly responds that the project is adding staffing.  However, this seems ill-advised considering one of the standard axioms of Software Engineering known as “Brooks’ Law:”  “Adding more people to a late project makes it later.”  Following the board meeting the CIO for Cover Oregon, Aaron Karjala is approached by the videographer.  Karja responds that his boss did not indicate that more staff were being added.  Did he or didn’t he?  You be the judge.  He then refuses to answer any more questions.  This is probably the most important software implementation for the people of the state of Oregon.  Is he not responsible to The People?  You decide.

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